Masonry, Stone & Brick

Masonry is a specialty skill that takes patience and years of skills to master. ECM takes pride in being an expert of this craft and is proud to share the outcome with our clients. We are constantly perfecting each project as it progresses, while personalizing the experience based on every unique vision we are presented with.


We ensure the results are beautifully finished, with a design that will remain classic for years to come.

Beautiful stone siding for new home
One of many completed stone chinmeys
Clean stone walkway
Custom stone fireplace
Stairs in progress
Gorgeously done fireplace with stone

New Construction & Remodeling

Our main goal is to ensure our clients needs are met, which is the most important aspect when it comes to these services that we offer. No two people are the same, similarly no two projects are the same, which is why we customize our experience to each client for each project.


It is important that all concerns and questions are answered and everything that was envisioned by our client, shines through our work from the beginning to ending stages.

New foundation in progress
Completely renovated kitchen
Newly added deck for happy client!
Completely new powder room
Custom bathroom addition
Beautifully renovated bathroom


There is a required high standard when working on commercial property grounds. Detail and specifications are planned and taken into account by our management team before proceeding with the project.

Once strategies are planned and risks are taken into account, we proceed with skill and detailed work that we are trained by experience to handle and always pass every level of testing.

montville 2
ECM fleet and machine ready to work
Beginning stages of new offices
Office separation, beginning stage
Progress on massive new church
Excavating business walkway